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Win in the Marketplace with These Brand Positioning Ideas

SEO Expert Many Melbourne ad agencies agree that brand positioning gets your products and services thought about, discussed, remembered and accepted. This approach focuses on creating a certain perception about your company even if the differences amongst competitors are negligible because perception is reality. Positioning in the marketplace is not an afterthought, but is the main goal of any marketing strategy, here are some of the ways that enable you to build a strong one.

Identify the Audience

Your brand position will weaken if you use a scattershot-run-the-numbers approach. Just because you target a wider audience, it won’t mean they will all become consumers. Some of them may become one-time customers, but what you want and need to succeed in a niche is a loyal consumer. Positioning your products or service as an answer to the problems of a group of people is a more effective strategy. This allows you to build a strong base of repeat consumers. Experts from Melbourne ad agencies agree that identifying a particular group of people as your base makes it easier to formulate a message that resonates with them. A clear-cut branding communication makes it easier to sell your products or services.

What Makes You Different?

The brand positioning statement contains why you are different and why people should choose you. Your differentiation point may be better pricing or multiple payment options, a solution to a specific need, superb customer service or worthwhile experiences. Focus on one aspect and let the customer discover everything else you have to offer.

Create a Narrative

Stories are a powerful tool to elicit an emotional response and an action you want from your intended audience. Mixing your positioning statement with a story will deliver the punch you need to convince a person to choose you over the competition. These are some of the strategies that enable you to build a strong brand position. The perception of your company is important as it is the reality that potential customers will believe in.
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