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Wilmington, Delaware: Thriving Amidst Challenges

White garage doorAlthough the number of residents in Wilmington, Delaware, is still small, it is growing rapidly. The population rate in the State is faster than the national average and its neighboring states from 2010 to 2015. Moreover, it’s possible by 2020 it will hit the one-million mark. Despite its growth, Wilmington is not immune to crime. Break-ins sometimes happen, and garages remain to be an often-overlooked part of the home that’s vulnerable. For some, garage door repair services in Wilmington, Delaware are a security requirement. However, Wilmington still offers several advantages that make it an attractive place to live.

1. Cost of Living

One of the primary reasons why people are moving here is the low cost of living. According to Best Places, it is almost five percent lower than the national average. Housing is affordable with a median home price of less than $130,000. Home appreciation dropped, which may not bode well for anyone who’s planning to sell their homes within the next five years. The unemployment rate is higher than the rest of the United States, and the economic growth is slower but getting better.

2. Education

The per-student spending in Wilmington is way higher than the national average. While the United States budgets about $12,000 per student, the city provides $2,000 more. It also has good performing charter schools, but it needs to work on improving education reforms especially on race and segregation.

3. Arts and Culture

Wilmington is a laid-back city, which makes it appealing to seniors and retirees. But it’s equally enticing for people who love the arts, entertainment, and history. Besides the fact it’s in the First State, it also has several museums and art galleries. Festivals, concerts, and other outdoor events are frequent. Wilmington, like most American cities, has incidents of crime. Although it is more rampant in certain areas, it’s still sensible to take your precautions. Call garage door repair services in Wilmington, Delaware. They will make sure you’re safe in their hands.
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