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Why you should Include SEO in Web Development

SEOWhy should you ever consider SEO when developing your website? SEO is one of the most important components when it comes to creating a website. While some people consider SEO to be one of the many restrictions imposed by search engines, the truth is that search engine optimisation is a set of standards by search engines designed to provide the best user experience. Here are the aspects of SEO to consider when designing a website:

Responsive Design

Google releases a new algorithm in April 2015 meant to ensure that mobile users are getting a real time experience. According to Digitise My Business, having a responsive design not only attracts more visitors to your site, but it also saves you both time and money. You’ll only need to create a single website, instead of having a site for various mobile, tablet and desktop users. If you’re looking to stay ahead of your competition, consider having a responsive design.

Quality Content

Gone are the days when creating just any kind of content mattered. Search engines now require quality and informative content. Google loves new stuff. If you’re too busy to write content, you can hire a professional copywriter to write unique content for your site. This will attract traffic to your site as people are always looking for engaging and unique content. Having the right keywords will also lead to higher search volume, while having HTML heading elements, such as descriptive headlines, attracts search engines.

Optimised URLs

Using UTF-8 standards to encode URLs will ease the navigation process. The use of hyphens and separating keywords makes it easier for search engines to rank your site. Incorporating these special aspects of SEO to your design will ensure that you reap rewards from all your online efforts. For sure, you’ll achieve better rankings and even increase sales.
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