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Man blowing vapor from e-cigarette

Why You Should Choose Green E-Cigarettes

Man blowing vapor from e-cigaretteCigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the United States every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that it’s responsible for 480,000 deaths or nearly 1 in every 5 fatalities. Smoking has also been tagged as the leading cause of cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, and even cancer. Within a few months of kicking the habit, a person’s health condition is said to improve and the risk of developing heart problems and cancer drop significantly. The problem, however, is many people find it hard to stop smoking.

The Greener Alternative

The answer could very well be in e-cigarettes. Getting an E-cig starter kit could be an effective way to see if this greener and healthier alternative is right for you. E-cigarettes work differently from ordinary cigarettes. Most modern e-cigarettes contain a liquid that’s turned into vapour when heat is applied. It takes care of the nicotine need and the oral fixation, but has none of the damaging effects of inhaling tobacco smoke. E-cigarettes are also called as vape on the market. They’re more eco-friendly since they’re rechargeable and re-usable. This means you won’t keep on tossing trash around after you smoke a cigarette. This helps you leave a smaller carbon footprint on the planet and lessen the refuse that end up in landfills, sewers, and even oceans all over the world. The rechargeable feature means that the e-cigarettes can be taken on-the-go and can be charged to your car or any USB-compatible charger. The e-cigarette cartridges are also recyclable, so you can dispose of them properly after they’ve served their purpose.

Compact and Portable

E-cigarettes are popular because they’re portable and compact. They’re also allowed in more establishments that have a “no smoking” rule. When it comes to design, they’re sleek and slim compared to vapes and other portable smoking devices. But perhaps the best part about e-cigarettes is they don’t require an ashtray. You can vape to your heart’s content without causing discomfort to the person sitting next to you. People who have stopped smoking consider e-cigarettes as a more eco-friendly alternative. Why not try it yourself?
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