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Why You Should Avoid Advertising Overload at All Cost

AdvertisingSpreading the word about a product or service to reach its target customers and generate sales is basically the primary goals of advertising. There are some businesses, however, that tend to take it too far. This begs the question: Where do you draw the line between responsible and “too much” advertising?

Negative Effects of Ad Overload

One study has shown that too much online advertising can annoy a significant number of consumers. The results revealed that a percentage of the respondents would cease using a product or service if they feel that the advertiser is subjecting them to too much advertising. In addition, the poll showed that those people are less likely to respond favourably to that product or service in the future. So, how do you keep yourself from falling into the trap of advertising overload?

Quality Over Quantity

Evaluate your campaign and if you notice that you have been doing your advertising efforts, just do the opposite: Avoid putting out too many ads. Even if you have the budget, don’t get overly excited and blow it on each and every platform you can think of. When you think about it, having a limited advertising money cash to spend can be a good thing. So before deciding to work with a Melbourne ad agency, remember to invest on a few but really good ads. If you are doing a direct mailing, for example, sending out postcards once per month is an ideal option compared to bombarding your prospects with weekly mailings. Ultimately, an occasional yet attractive and memorable ad can have a positive impact than an intrusive one. Regardless of how captivating the images are or how engaging the accompanying copy is, your advertisement will only achieve the opposite of your goal if you overdo them – it will only annoy your target audience.
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