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Why You Need an Environmental Headshot ASAP

Corporate headshots with the employeesProfessional photography is often restricted to a few common niches. There’s wedding and events coverage, prenuptial shoots, and maybe the occasional family portrait. But photography can serve as an essential investment in your professional career. That’s especially true for environmental headshots. There are plenty of ways these beautiful, artisan shots can benefit you professionally:

They look clean and professional

Social media is one of the most major impact innovations in the world today. While most people use it for their personal lives, many are starting to turn to social media to build their professional portfolio as well. A great shot is the front page of these efforts. They’re the first thing potential clients and employers will see and you want to make a great impression. Environmental headshots guarantee that.

They are completely natural

Most headshots are done in a professional’s studio. While that allows for fine control over critical factors like lighting, it also renders the photo somewhat artificial. With environmental headshots, you allow yourself to be captured in your natural environment. What can be more convincing than a shot in your office, warehouse, or any place you conduct your business?

They are affordable

For something that is beneficial in the long term and will see continuous use, these headshots come out to be rather affordable in the long run. You can get them in both physical and digital formats, which provides you infinite uses. Apart from your professional folio, you can use the shot as a time-captured reminder of a particularly happy day in your life. We’re a professional photography studio in Washington DC specializing in corporate portraits and headshots. With many years of bankable experience behind us, you can count on us to provide you with quality portraiture every time. Give us a call and we can figure out the best options for your needs today. The truth is that there really is no substitute for a studio headshot. But supplement it with environmental portraits, and you will certainly capture the attention of potential partners and leave a positive impression.
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