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Why Visit the House You Want to Buy during These Hours of the Day

couple visiting a new houseA smart home buyer is one that inspects a property cautiously. However, a smarter home buyer is someone who does not just examine carefully but also visits the property at different times of the day. You have to know what kind of neighbourhood and community you are going to be a part of if ever you buy that property. Hence, before getting the key to that beautiful house in Victoria, make sure to see the property at these times of the day:

8:00 – 10:00 AM

The goal of the visit during this period is to determine the commute and traffic situation and the noise level as more people wake up and start their day. Consider how long it will take for you to drive from your potential home to your office or the kids’ school. Also, take public transportation. See if the volume of people during rush hour is bearable for you should you prefer taking the bus or train. As mentioned, take note of the noise level as well. Usually, construction workers on roads or in houses start working at this time. Thus, pay extra attention to such noises. In Victoria, check out the homes and land packages that communities around Derrimut can offer. Derrimut is one of the most peaceful suburbs in Victoria.

3:00 – 4:00 PM

This is usually the time kids get out of school. If you see students walking home, it is one sign that the neighbourhood is safe. It is an indication that parents are confident in letting their kids out on the streets. If you could observe their walking routes as well, that would help you better instruct your kids later. Of course, do not disregard the importance of knowing the crime rates around the place. Even if parents are comfortable with the idea of letting their kids walk from school, it is still best to refer to cold, hard statistics about the security and safety of the neighbourhood.

5:30 – 7:00 PM

This period is when employees go back to their homes and spend time with their family. Take note of the traffic again during this time. See how your would-be neighbours also use their recreation time. Do they let kids bike around the village? Do they invite friends over for a backyard dinner? This will give you a peek at the kind of lifestyles your neighbours have. Of course, it is also best to inspect the property late into the night just to see if your neighbours like wild, loud parties. See if you can tolerate that. Visit the property you are eyeing multiple times of the day, and if you can, different days of the week. This way, you will know if it is the right community you want to belong to.
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