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Why Translation Service by a human or Machine Matters

Two people talkingLanguage is the cornerstone of human progress. All the advancements in technology and improvement of the standard of life take root from the ability of men to communicate and translate words into applications. The 21st-century generation, communities, and industries have come a long way, indeed. Along with human progress, artificial intelligence has taken center stage as well. In the aspect of language most especially, artificial intelligence is beginning to gain ground and level with human talent. By recognizing the strengths of human and machine translation, both can be optimized to offer quality professional translation services.

Strengths of Human Translation

Human translation offers a high level of intelligence that’s able to translate effectively by incorporating the aspects of localization and cultural understanding. Aside from translation, human talent also involves editing, proofreading and copywriting skills. Such abilities reach a level of accuracy that produces a reliable and better quality of service. Translation services can be outsourced, which expands the pool of talent equipped with local knowledge and can work round the clock. This allows higher productivity and quicker lead-time. There’s also an element in language that human-level understanding can effectively express. This particularly contributes to consistency and value in the message being communicated.

Strengths of Machine Translation

Machine translation is a familiar feature that several websites online cater for free. It also allows translation in multiple languages without time and quantity constraints. Machine translation software that is offered for sale is still less expensive than human translation. So concerning cost, machine translation provides a big incentive. Furthermore, machine translation offers the advantage of data protection. There is less risk of exposing confidential information or sensitive materials and compromising intellectual property rights. Unlike human labor, machine translation can be operated 24/7 and can finish greater volumes of materials in a matter of minutes. While its quality rests on the amount of encoded data, there is a relatively good level of accuracy that machine translation provides. Human and machine translation offer strengths that customers in need of multilingual services can take advantage of. But to achieve a material (or content) with high-quality standards, there’s no limitation to the platform that can be used. There are professional translation services that take the best of the strengths of human and machine translation to sustain customer satisfaction.
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