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Why Integrate Fuel Data with Fleet Management Software

FuelFor most companies that operate fleets, fuel is one of the major expenses they have to deal with. While a fleet management system helps track maintenance, equipment and other sectors of the process, using fuel management systems and fuel cards in addition to the software can deliver significant benefits.

Gather Accurate Mileage

According to the contractors from Mainpac, “Fleet organisations are under constant pressure to do more with less funding.” By integrating fuel data with fleet management software, you can accurately track vehicle costs per mile. Accurate mileage data is vital in yielding precise, well-informed decisions.

Update Maintenance Automatically

With an accurate mileage data, you can implement better preventive maintenance, as well. Automatic mileage updates make sure you utilise preventive maintenance matters at the right time. The software reminds which units require updates or maintenance on certain days without needing a person to do it.

Prevent Fuel Theft

Moreover, a fuel data on your fleet management software detects and prevents fuel theft. You get to know if the amount of fuel filled in each unit exceeds its fuel tank size. More advanced systems alert you as soon as an employee fills the tank beyond its capacity, which can stop fuel theft attempts.

Make Precise Overall Reports

Reports are important to determine the overall performance of the company and the changes necessary. Fuel data is more than just knowing how much you spend on gas per unit in a day. You can use it on different reports, such as the overall budgeting and future plans or objectives of the company.

Make Your Job Easier

More importantly, integrating fuel data with fleet management software makes your job easier. For one, this saves you a significant amount of time because it eliminates too much manual data entry. In addition, it brings all reporting into one system, avoiding working on different sources of different fleet data. A fuel management system is complementary to your existing fleet management software. With fuel data working together with the main software, you can improve your company’s performance.
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