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Why Choose to Enrol Your Child in a Dubai School

Child in a Dubai SchoolLiving in a foreign and unfamiliar country is not an easy thing for a child. This is probably why there are foreigners and migrants who decide to home school their children when living in Dubai. However, their fears can be alleviated with these very important points.

Dubai Schools are Regularly Inspected – If your concern is the standards of private and international schools here in Dubai, you can be assured that there is an office that oversees its constant inspection of school property, curriculum, staff and the like. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KDHA) is the prime authority in Dubai that guards the academic institution of the country and is respected by the international academic community.

Dubai Schools Are Ranked Annually – The KDHA releases an annual ranking list of all the schools in the country from one to the very last. This creates friendly competition between the schools and they continually upgrade their services and offerings just to keep their top position or rise in the ranks. With this kind of challenge, more and more schools are improving their facilities, staff members, curriculum and other academic aspects in their efforts to be one of Dubai's outstanding schools.

Dubai Schools Have A High Excellence Ratio – You are either rated "Outstanding", "Good", "Acceptable" or "Unsatisfactory". The rankings of 2013-2014 showed 12 Outstanding, 57 Good and 64 Acceptable for 141 schools, leaving only 8 as Unsatisfactory. The 2015 ratings have shown little changes for the tap positions and this shows how much excellent Dubai schools can be. This annual grading system also involves presenting the student performances of each institution, which can be a big factor when choosing the right school for your children.

At the end of the day, your child will need to make contact with other children just so they can have a healthy social life. Knowing that Dubai schools are adequately equipped to educate your child will give you a better option for their academics and social growth. Go ahead and choose a Dubai school for your child. This is for their best interest.

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