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A part of crane truck for construction

Which Cherry Picker is Ideal for Difficult Work Sites?

A part of crane truck for constructionWith so many industries having the need for aerial lift equipment, these specialised machines have evolved so much over the years to ensure safety for each job that manufacturers have built them for. And while their names vary from country to country, the most common ones include scissor lifts, aerial lifts, articulated boom lifts, and spider lifts. It is absolutely necessary that organisations requiring the use of these types of machinery know the exact kind to use for their operations. Choosing the right equipment is vital to safely carry out tasks, while also making certain that operators can do their jobs properly and efficiently.

The common mistake

A common mistake to avoid is thinking that you can use any lift for different kinds of jobs. There are several more specifically named lifts under each type of lift. For instance, there are cherry pickers. This is a generic and popularly used term, so people think that they all function the same way. This isn’t the case, though. A boom lift, scissor lift, or knuckle boom lift is different from a spider cherry picker. Monitor Lifts reminds that you need to know the differences, as this can make all the difference in a safe working environment and one that can put people in a hazardous situation.

The spider lift advantage

One of the best features of spider lifts is how they can carry out the jobs of other lifting equipment. In other words, they are somewhat like an all-around lift. This isn’t only its good quality, though. The main reason many businesses choose to invest in this machinery is their ability to perform tasks in the most difficult areas that other lifts cannot even access. From rough terrains to tight spaces, from narrow gates to work sites with stairs, and even from steep hills to fragile surfaces, the ease of manoeuvrability and flexibility of the spider lift makes it the perfect choice. Knowing the right kind of lift for the job can make or break your project. Choose wisely.
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