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Where to Get Motivation: Internal and External

SpeakerWork is repetitive and everyone is waiting for the weekend. If this is the mindset in your office, your business will unlikely succeed. Your team’s motivation to do work should not be for the sake of getting things done. You will end up with mediocre outputs, as everyone is eager to just go home and escape the stress. The source of motivation can be internal or external. Here are some ways to influence your team positively.
Follow the leader
Lack of motivation from employees may be a sign of a weak leadership. You, as the business owner, has to step it up and be an example to your own workers. It is up to you what kind of atmosphere you want for your team. Your workers need someone they can look up to. They will not produce great output if they do not respect their leader. Influence them with optimism and show them what you can achieve if you all work together toward a shared goal. This internal problem can change starting from the leader.
Insert fun in the office
Your employees are more eager to get to Friday because fun is outside the office. If you can turn your work environment as something enjoyable, your team will look forward to working every day. Motivational posters are great but offer up a challenge to your members. Add recreational items to take the stress out of work. Organize game nights or scoring systems so each employee would strive for recognition. These external factors can shake up the dynamic and pump up your workers to perform better. The drive to be better at work may also come from hearing business motivational speakers. These experts can inject ideas to improve your workplace and encourage change. Work becomes less of a routine and more of a place to grow personally with proper motivation.
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