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Welcome Them Warmly: Pleasing Your Hotel Guests

The hospitality industry is one big industry that gives a lot of choices to make money and make a name. You may choose to have a restaurant. You may choose to become a tour operator. But if you want to maximize income, you may want to start a hotel. The investment may be big, but it will be all worth it when you see guests streaming in. While a hotel will help you make big money, everything—including your reputation—will depend on how you treat and accommodate your clients. The golden rule that you must have is: always exceed the expectations of your customers. Doing so will keep them happy. And when they are happy, you will likely have repeat businesses. They may even tell their friends about your business. But this is always easier said than done. You need to have a commitment and a follow-through. You ought to have a plan that will allow you to actually please your guests. If you are in the process of coming up with a strategy to up customer satisfaction, welcome to this article:

Offer complimentary items

Freebies are a part of the hotel culture, and your guests will surely be expecting complimentary items from you. But just because it is free does not mean you will not focus on quality. Remember, you commit yourself to quality, so make sure that whatever you will be giving will only be of the highest quality—from continental breakfast to free transfers and hotel suppliers.

Train your staff properly

hotel manager training the staff Customer engagement should be one of the priorities that you must have. You need to ensure that the needs of your guests are on-boarded and accommodated properly. One of the best ways to do such is by training your staff properly. You may choose to bring in a third-party trainer or an assessor that will evaluate your services. You need to invest in this sector, knowing that your employees are basically your brand ambassadors.

Customize based on their needs

You ought to understand that not all customers are the same. You should not apply a cookie-cutter approach to providing your guests with the services. One client’s need is different from the other’s. As such, you should be earnest with coming up with packages that suit different customers. You can easily do this by asking your guests about their needs and wants days before they arrive at your hotel.

Come up with a loyalty program

You surely want your guests to come back. And if you want, you can come up with a loyalty program. This is where you can offer exclusive discounts and freebies, such as tours. Conduct a feasibility study based on your past sales records and projections. Running a hospitality business allows you to make big money, knowing that the tourism sector is a big industry. To grow your business, you need to make sure that your hotel is equipped to exceed the expectations of your guests. You need to commit yourself to quality and make sure that you are always coming up with ways to set your business apart from the competition.  
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