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Want To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? Now You Can!

Climate change is real, and its effects can be overwhelming. Although there are solutions that require everybody’s action on a global scale, there are ways that you can do in your daily life that can reduce your impact on the environment. Carbon footprints refer to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that companies produce to create a product or service. The harmful gases emitted through human activities traps the heat in the atmosphere. Thus, causing global warming. Continue reading to find ways that can help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your impact.

Use your car less

Consider leaving your car at home and use your bike to go to your destination, if possible. Choosing to walk or take public transportation works, too. Cities these days are now making it possible to travel around without the need for cars. But if the situation calls for a vehicle, try to go easy on the brakes and the gas. Driving more efficiently can help reduce gas emissions. It would help if you also tried carpooling to split the emissions between the number of passengers. Meanwhile, if you’re shopping for a new car, you can use it as an opportunity to choose a vehicle that produces fewer gas emissions. You can consider getting hybrid and electric vehicles so you won’t heavily depend on fossil fuels. The New York Times says that doing so ensures that you’ll leave fewer carbon footprints in the environment. woman walking

Refrain from buying fast fashion

Many huge clothing brands often practice a culture known as fast fashion. It’s a term that explains selling an unending series of “must-have trends” at very affordable prices. The Huffington Post says that in a society that heavily focuses on consumerism, disposing of a $4 shirt is relatively easy. That’s why you’d often find heaps of these clothes in landfills around the world. In most cases, garment factories mass produce these items at a bargain, which means that it’s easy for them to sell more garments every fashion season. What makes it even worse is that half of the clothing sold is made with synthetic cotton. These are genetically modified cotton sprayed with carcinogens. Disposing of it in landfills can contaminate the water and affect the area’s biodiversity. To reduce the items thrown away, you can consider using products made with organic materials such as organic cotton tote bags. You can also consider repurposing your old garments or buy vintage items.

Eat organic

Whenever there’s a chance, try to eat locally grown foods. Sticking to foods harvested in your area reduces the need to ship foods from elsewhere. One rule of thumb is to choose the organically grown foods that are closest to your location. You can even consider planting a vegetable garden right in your backyard. Not only are they healthy, but growing your food also ensures that you’re eating pesticide-free foods. Reducing your carbon footprint is a great help for the environment. You can try to look at the internet or read some books to know more. Doing so will help you become more aware of your decisions, which can benefit the environment.
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