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Things You Do That Do More Harm Than Good to Your Criminal Defense

No one would like to wake one day only to learn that they are being charged for a crime. This can be a frightening experience. Knowing that you’ll have to stand before the court makes it an even daunting experience. The good news is that you can always hire a competent criminal defense attorney in Long Island to defend you. But hiring the best lawyer does not mean that you will win the case. Know that every decision you make can also play a huge role in the case. Even if you have a strong case, some mistakes you make can destroy your chances of winning it. To help you achieve a more favorable result, pay attention to what you need to avoid doing.

Not trusting your attorney enough

One grave mistake is hiring an attorney you don’t trust. If you don’t believe in your attorney’s expertise and skills, you won’t disclose every single detail that your lawyer needs to help you defend your case. Make sure that you talk only to your attorney about the case. Know that they will never disclose any information you have divulged to them and that you should always trust your attorney as they are the only one who can help you.

Saying yes to the demands of an officer

If you agree to certain requests made by an officer without consulting your lawyer, you may end up in bigger trouble. The other party can use whatever evidence they can gather from the results of tests or searches against you. So make sure that you don’t make any decision without asking your lawyer. This way, they can help you avoid unnecessary tests and prevent officials from invading your privacy.

Dressing casually when appearing before the court

How you represent yourself in front of the court matters. Don’t simply show up in court dressed in casual clothes and slippers. For one, some courts in some states have a dress code for everyone appearing before the court. As a general rule, dress as you would for church or when attending a job interview. Stay away from bright clothes. If you have tattoos, now is not the best time to show them off.

Being disrespectful in any way

Arriving late or missing a court date is a big no-no. No matter how much you love your mobile phone, refrain from using it while inside the courtroom. Some courts may ask you to leave your phone to the security. Never disrespect any member of the court or any person inside the court for that matter. Wait for your turn to speak and avoid interrupting anyone.

Obtaining new charges

Talking to lawyer The last thing you need is another charge listed under your name. So be at your best behavior. If not, this can cost you your plea agreement. You may also incur a stiffer punishment if you obtain another charge, so be careful not to make such a mistake. More often than not, it is the one who has been charged with a crime that makes their case more complicated. If you want to increase your chances of winning a criminal case, be wary of the items listed above. Avoiding such mistakes will help you and your lawyer get a more favorable result.
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