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Things to Remember when Going through the Franchisor Interview

Owning a franchise business is one of the smartest moves that you can do as an entrepreneur. Aside from having a marketing plan in place, you'd also get to enjoy the support that the franchisor and their team will provide to its franchisees.

With that being said, not all franchisees are given a chance to acquire the franchise business that they want. You'd have to go through the initial interview with the franchisor first so they can gauge if you are well-prepared to take on one of their businesses.

Today, we will discuss the things that you'd need to remember when preparing for your initial interview with your franchisor. Whether it's a restaurant, a fast-food stall or kiosk, or an embroidery business, you should practice these things beforehand to make sure that you will ace your interview.

Talk to the Development Officer

In most cases, the development officer will call you and start qualifying you. They will most likely explore your budget and if you can afford the franchise and what's needed to keep the business going. They will also most likely ask you about your motivations, your skillset, and an agenda for your decision-making process.

Be sure to answer with honesty, as your development officer will most likely find out if you are not telling the truth. Answer their questions without hesitation and state nothing but the truth,

The Call with the Franchisor

Once you have passed the initial call with the development officer, you'd most likely be talking to the franchisor next. They might send you some material on the concept, which will most likely be a video, a brochure, or even a set of FAQs. There will also be a confidential information request form or CIRF, which will help the franchisor gauge if you are ready to own a franchise of their business.

Again, make sure to fill the form up with utmost honesty, as they might do a background check on you and if they find out that you are not telling the truth, then most likely, you would not be approved to own a franchise.

The Final Steps

Business team concept: franchise

Once you've submitted the form and everything that's needed from you, the franchisor will then contact you again to review the details of the franchise with you. They will most likely delve into the minute details, so make sure to listen carefully and have a list of questions that you'd want to ask them.

The franchisor might also provide you with a copy of the franchise disclosure, as well as discuss the franchise territory. They will even walk you through the whole process of getting financing, and they will also most likely introduce you to the members of the team. You might even get invited for a face-to-face meeting at the headquarters, so make sure that you are prepared for that.

You have to be prepared for the call and the actual meeting, especially if you want to bag this franchising opportunity. Be professional and always answer their questions with confidence so they'd know that you are deserving to get a franchise of their business!

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