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These 5 Places In Hammond Park Are Why People Love This Suburb

Hammond Park remains one of Western Australia’s destinations for curious tourists. It’s a populated neighbourhood with several amenities for both its residents and visitors. Because it’s in Western Australia, Hammon Park takes pride in its natural diversity. It also has urban entertainment which makes the neighbourhood a nicely balanced environment for man and nature. Here are five places to visit in Hammond Park.

Adventure World

As suggested by, Adventure World offers amusement park rides for visitors looking to get thrilled. Its amenities include a water park, a roller coaster, and a wildlife attraction. It’s perfect for families, groups of friends, or couples on dates.

Cockburn ARC

Cockburn Aquatic and Recreation Centre is Hammond Park’s solution to swimming or waterpark needs. The centre has a waterslide, a variety of pools, and a gym so you can have fun the water while staying fit.

Cockburn Gateway Shopping City

For shopping needs, Cockburn Gateway Shopping City has several boutiques that can offer luxury items and basic needs. You may do your groceries in the place with family, or dine at its selection of bistros and restaurants.

Thomsons Lake Nature Reserve

Hammond Park’s natural habitats shouldn’t be missed as well. Its lake reserve, Thomsons Lake Nature Reserve, is the ideal place, for family picnics, leisurely strolls, or sightseeing of the lake.

Harry Waring Marsupial Reserve

Harry Waring Marsupial Reserve is full of wild animals that safely roam in their natural habitat. If you’re into observing wildlife, this place in Hammond Park should sate your curiosities. Hammon Park provides attractions and services that show a balance between man and nature. It has man-made structures but also keeps spaces for nature and wildlife to thrive. This shows why a lot of people, residents and tourists alike, love exploring the suburb.
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