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The Various Types of In-Ground Pool Flooring

Couple in a poolThere are many decisions you will need to make when installing an in-ground pool. One of the key ones is your pool’s flooring. Most pool owners prefer a similar material for their pool sides and flooring to create a unified and visually appealing design, but you can opt for different materials. There are various material options your pool service provider might recommend for an in-ground pool floor in Dallas. The ideal material should withstand sun exposure, water pressure, and active play and be durable. Here are the typical materials for in-ground pool floors. Vinyl This is the conventional and still the popular option for pool bottoms. A vinyl bottom covers the entire pool floor, and hence you are sure of no seams and cracks which can result in leaks. You can have it customized to fit any swimming pool shape or size and is non-porous therefore mold, algae and bacteria are not an issue. Vinyl is the least costly pool flooring material and lasts for 7-15 years. Vinyl pool liners are however prone to damage from roughhousing and tree limbs. Fiberglass Contractors construct fiberglass pools as one-unit shells; hence the floors and sides are connected. The pool is ready-made, and customizations options are few. Fiberglass pool floors last for 10–15 years, but their initial costs are higher than vinyl and concrete. Concrete You can have concrete pool floors to fit your pool’s slope and create personalized shallow and deep ends. These pools, however, have high maintenance costs and should undergo renovation every 10–20 years. Some pools with concrete floors also require more filtration and chemicals to prevent the growth of mold and algae. These materials have different installation time frames, and this affects the completion time of your pool. Concrete floors, for instance, take 2–4 months to install, while fiberglass only requires 3–5 weeks. Wood floors are another option for in-ground pools, but those that do not deteriorate quickly are very costly.
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