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The Startup: Two Businesses You Can Start Alone

Gardening as a BusinessLeaving your nine-to-five job is a scary, challenging decision that’s full of uncertainty and confusion. There are reasons people do this before they’re old enough to retire. Sometimes it’s the work itself; you can’t put up with the work hours or the demands of your job and — to put it simply — you’re tired and stressed out. Sometimes it’s a health issue. And in other cases, it's the need to change pace and environment.

Whatever reason you have for leaving your day job, you can’t spend the rest of your days moping around, feeling sorry for yourself, or being too relaxed. There are bills to pay. If you have some savings, there may be a way to get back on your feet — by starting your own business.

Sometimes a hobby can become a business. Check out these two examples:

Growing Produce

If you have a green thumb and you love taking care of plants, this may be that change of pace you’ve been looking for. Grow a garden and sell your produce. The first requirement, of course, is space. Visit your local garden supplier and talk to them about your plan to grow a vegetable garden, and they will supply you with what you need: tools and seeds that are right for your weather. Eventually, you’ll also need a way to market your crops, do the packaging, and transport everything you offer.

When your garden becomes popular and bigger, you may get more customers from farther away. Find out about refrigerated LTL options, so you can have your goods delivered fresh.

Becoming a Photographer

If you have a background in photography and believe you have the talent and passion to pursue a career in it, this is another option that is both enjoyable and lucrative. Start by practicing and honing your craft. Volunteer to take photos of friends and family during special occasions, and eventually you can offer this as a paid service. If you’re good, you may get referrals.

Invest in a good camera that’s within your budget. Remember that it’s more important to invest in lenses than in the camera body. You’ll also need a studio and some gear. Identify what type of photography you want to do (consider something that will get you paid first) and go from there.

There are many other options when it comes to starting a small business by yourself. All you need is an open mind and some cash to invest in your venture.

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