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The Power of Cloud Storage for Business Success

While small businesses traditionally relied on in-house servers to store their files, the tide is slowly changing with small businesses preferring online cloud services. From JustCloud to Dropbox and even Office 365, small businesses now realize the benefits of cloud storage. But, if you are not yet on the cloud storage bandwagon, here is why they should be a top consideration for your business:


Storing data in in-house servers has been the norm with most companies seeking to keep their secrets close. However, this has one shortcoming in that the servers are easy to access, and your data is at risk from rogue employees. Moreover, it is upon you to make sure your information is secure. However, with cloud storage, the servers are in warehouses, away from most employees, and they are closely guarded. The data is encrypted, the servers making it difficult for hackers.

Document Management

With the use of a cloud-based document management system, you can store, manage, and keep track of all electronic documents. A cloud-based document management system reduces your upfront costs as no IT team is required to install the unit, and it allows you to access from any device anywhere and at any time. Moreover, it is easily scalable and can be expanded as the company grows. However, there is the shortcoming that you are at the mercy of your provider.

Distributed Team

A few years back, companies had to set up shop in an area where they could access quality talent. Otherwise, they had to incur the cost of relocating employees to their locale. However, with cloud storage, employees can work from anywhere. Companies can access some of the best talents without having to move shop. Moreover, it reduces the costs involved with leasing office space and furnishing. A great example of this is the Newmind Group with 19 members who can work from anywhere thanks to cloud services.


cloud storage concept Think of all the costs you would incur if you were to store your data in-house. First, you have to purchase the hardware, you have to incur expenses for labor and maintenance, and you have to pay the energy bill to keep the servers running. Cloud storage saves you the initial capital investment while providing you with enough storage at a fraction of the cost.

Data is Easily Moved

One top concern for most companies is the loss of files, and this often happens when moving. Hard disks are misplaced or get lost during transit, which can be a blow to any business. However, with cloud storage, you can move your business without worrying about losing your data. Set-up for new offices also happens to be a walk in the park as it is plug and play. Cloud storage has been of great benefit to small businesses. It not only reduces the overhead costs, but it allows companies to focus on their core tasks without worrying about the security of their documents. However, remember to keep a copy of your files for those instances when your service provider is down.Small businesses should make the most of the power of cloud storage.
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