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The Ideal Corporate Gift

Corporate GiftOne of the ways to stay ahead of the competition is to have a strong supply chain and a network of partners and clients who contribute to the success of your company. You need to have strong recall in the minds of these people. One of the ways to achieve this is to provide them with corporate gifts; these small tokens strengthen a business relationship. Here are some archetypes to help you identify which corporate gift to give.

The Animal Lover

An Australia-based corporate gifts expert cites that giving a client pet food, dog or cat accessories or other similar items is one way for him or her to remember you. If they love animals, think about the cultural differences and the needs or wants of their pet. This thoughtful expression may improve your chances of a return call or a closed deal.

The Health Buff

Do you have clients who are gym rats or follow a specific diet? A corporate gift that is health-related may nudge you to the top of mind status. Think of diet books, maybe a gym membership or discount for programs such as cycling, yoga or CrossFit are some good ideas for gifts.

The Fashion Lover

Some business partners are fashion forward and are always looking to dress to impress. Sending them jewelry, dress socks, shirts, coats or other similar items are some corporate gift ideas to consider. Think about their sense of style before choosing an item; they might not like what you send. Before giving a gift, think about the ethics behind it; some company policies prohibit their employees from receiving or giving anything. Always go for quality in selecting giveaways; cheap and unusable items leave a bad impression of your organization. Include handwritten cards on the gifts you give; this gives the item a human and personal touch, which shows you are sincere in your actions.
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