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The Australian Open: What You Should Expect

Tennis PlayerEvery tennis fan dreams of attending at least one of the Grand Slams of the sport. There is nothing that could match the hype when you are at the actual stadium, watching the tennis pro players battle it out for the prized trophy. No matter how HD televisions and livestreams can get, being at the venue in person is still a much more attractive option.

For this reason, thousands of fans head to the Land Down Under during January. The Australian Open, after all, is one of the most hyped events in the tennis world. Attending it for the first time can be a bit tricky for many, however. Before buying Aust Open tickets, The Ticket Merchant and many locals suggest being aware of what to expect, such as the following:

Surviving Heat

The weather in Australia is warmer than most countries, so expect to sweat a little even when you’re simply walking. Bring light clothes and apply sunscreen on a regular basis. If you’re into hats, wearing one would be good for you. Always bring a bottle of water to ensure you are hydrated. Rod Laver Arena has water fountains where you can fill up your bottle, so you don’t have an excuse.

Getting Freebies

What many tend to forget are the freebies that come with being a tourist in Melbourne. A quick trip to the Melbourne Visitor Centre would make you aware of the many attractions available in the area. You can enjoy a free ride at the City Circle Tram, which passes through many tourist venues in the city. Note that trams between the Australian Open and the city are free of charge to those who have valid tennis tickets.

Finding Accommodation

Accommodation can be tricky when attending the Australian Open. Given the number of tourists that watch the tournament, most hotels become fully booked quickly because they don’t want to miss this opportunity. Reserving early is the way to go. As for the location, the Melbourne CBD, Crown, and Southbank are good options.

Most of all, expect heavy loads of fun. A gathering of the world’s top tennis players is no joke at all. You are guaranteed good games right off the bat. So just sit back and watch them duke it out in the court.

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