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Selling Art Prints

The Art of Up-selling Your Art in Print

Selling Art PrintsThe worst thing an artist can do to themselves, if they want to sell their work, is to limit their growth. If you have been searching for a solid platform to promote your work other than selling the original work themselves, here are three options you should try out. Greeting Cards – Even in the modern world, where everything is going digital, people still hold fast to the notion of ‘the past’. Support that feeling of sentimentality by giving them your art through greeting cards and stationery. It doesn’t matter what kind of art style you have, there is an audience and a season for everything. Find a company that prints on different types of paper and pick artwork that you’re willing to mass-produce. Prints Trade – Many online communities sell, buy, and trade art prints for a living. Get into the business and choose a printing company that can cater to fine art printing on a smaller scale. Start out with trading miniatures/thumbnails of your art (think calling cards) then expand to bigger ideas like posters. Start your investment small and promote yourself responsibly and with dedication. Soon enough, you will be connecting to the right people who share the same passion. Journal Ephemera – The art of handwriting is a powerful medium still. With so many companies selling writing materials and notebooks for all sorts of private and business note taking, you can enter the market with your own handiwork. Stickers, bookmarks, stamps, all means of customising and personalising can be part of your art portfolio. Choose items that are easy to recopy on flat surfaces first. You can go three-dimensional when you have a bigger audience and more capital. By pursuing your art’s fulfilment through different media, you’re ensuring that people will know you little by little. Given the right contacts and a dedicated work ethic, you’ll be earning and they’ll be happy.
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