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The 4 Benefits of Less than Truckload Shipping

Pile of Packages to be ShippedThe rise of LTL shipping companies has provided small to medium-sized businesses with a practical alternative to full truckload shipping. LTL, which stands for less than truckload, is now the ideal shipping option for shippers who have 150 lbs. to 15,000 lbs. of load to ship but do not have the budget for hiring an entire truck. There are many reasons for this. Below are the four most important advantages you can gain from LTL shipping.

1. It is cost-effective.

The biggest benefit of LTL shipping is the amount of money you can save. Because LTL carriers combine shipments from different shippers into one truck, you only pay for a fraction of the entire cost of shipping with the whole truck. The other shippers take care of the rest.

2. It protects your shipment.

Unlike parcel carriers, which separate shipments into small units, LTL shippers load your shipments into pallets or packages. This provides your cargo with the maximum protection they need against wear and tear and getting lost during handling.

3. It reduces your emissions.

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint – and you should be – LTL is a greener alternative to full truckload shipping. By pooling shipments into one truck instead of hiring several trucks to ship at less than full capacity, you have fewer trucks on the road emitting greenhouse gases that can damage the environment.

4. It offers additional services not available in FTL.

Unlike FTL, LTL shipping provides you with the option to avail of extra services, such as non-commercial or residential shipping, notification and tracking options, and inside pickup and delivery. These services typically are available at a fixed surcharge rate for customers who want to avail of them. Less than truckload shipping is an attractive option for businesses shipping their products across the country who want to save on shipping costs, protect their equipment, and go green all at the same time.
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