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Support and Opportunities Available to You After Injury at Work

Workers along an assembly line operating complex machinery face different risks for injury than employees who are sitting at a desk. Nevertheless, many workers find themselves dealing with the consequences of a slip or a fall. In some instances, cases of overexertion develop into chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction and possible chronic problems. The yearly cost of injuries in America alone is staggering. When you are injured, how can you protect yourself and look after your own welfare?

Reporting and documentation

When an injury occurs, your first instinct must be to report it to your immediate supervisor. The company must be informed immediately and through proper channels. Pay attention to the required forms and procedures for informing the company formally of your injury. By following the protocol and documenting the incident adequately, you are protecting yourself and the company. Some incidents would require you to prioritize medical care over office protocol. If it is not possible for you to report the injury immediately, then you must take the necessary measures to ensure that the accident or incident is reported to the employers as soon as possible.

Pursuing a claim

Employees of a company are covered by insurance for compensation when injured. Unfortunately, this is not the same for independent contractors. In specific instances, some full-time employees may be in a line of work that is not covered by workers’ compensation insurance. State laws should be clear who is covered and who is not. If your classification is “employee,” you must be aware of your rights and privileges. A workplace injury attorney in Murray or any other location would remind you of your right to be looked after by your employer, especially if the incident occurred due to negligence or a lack of safety measures. The first step to pursuing a claim is to report what happened to the appropriate workers’ compensation insurance company. Someone in your office should be assigned to facilitate this, and help you or your representative every step of the way. While you may be dealing with pain and suffering, you must maintain the right attitude and cooperate fully with the workers’ compensation carrier.

Workers’ compensation benefits to both parties

Man lying down on the floor after accident at work If you are hurt on the job, you can make a claim and use the funds given for recovery and rehabilitation. You are protected by compensation laws. Your employer is protected as well. Under these laws, you cannot sue the company in court for the damages the injury has caused in your life. The system offers advantages to both parties. Court proceedings take time and it may take years before you receive just compensation. If you opt to file a claim for workers’ compensation, you are choosing the faster route for receiving funds so that you can continue to pay bills and daily needs even if you are still unable to return to work. When you sustain an injury in the workplace or become ill, you have the right to file for a workers’ compensation claim. More severe injuries leading to disability entitle you to additional compensation. An experienced lawyer can give you a deeper insight into your options and help you understand how you can make the most of the available support to facilitate recovery.
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