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Budget Word on a Saving Money Jar

Spreadsheet-Free Budgeting Ideas for People Who Hate Budgeting

Budget Word on a Saving Money JarBudgeting could be emotionally and mentally challenging, and unfortunately, not all people do it. However, if you are making ample cash to cover all your bills, but still feel that you don’t have enough, it might be time for you start budgeting. If you loathe keeping up with your many receipts or tiresome spreadsheets, perhaps it’s time you look into these fresh budgeting ideas.

Utilize Different Accounts for your Different Needs

Set up three different accounts; the first for your expenses, the second for your savings, and the third one for whatever your heart desires. Deposit money into every account each month and withdraw from the appropriate account for your living expenses and whatever you want to spend on.

Allowance is also for Adults

This would help you manage your cash more easily every month without having to monitor every single cent using a spreadsheet. But first, determine your monthly earnings, which is the overall amount that you each month after taxes and things such as health insurance and 401k for instance. Next, estimate your fixed monthly expenses. This could include utilities, your VA loan program monthly home loan payments, transportation, groceries, as well as other bills and living costs. Then subtract these from your overall earnings. Once you’re taken into account all your expenses and savings, that’s your monthly allowance.

Automatic is the Way to Go

There are tons of advanced technologies and tools that could significantly help you with your budgeting tasks. Consider a web service that could aid you in tracking your spending every month. You could also opt for budgeting software or apps with nifty features to do all the money management for you. With these tools, you could even set up automatic funds transfers for funding crucial goals and paying bills, so you won’t forget to pay your fixed monthly costs. See, budgeting does not even have to include a spreadsheet and extensive checkbook balancing. You might even find that you enjoy budgeting. That said, try out these budgeting ideas so that you could figure out which one works best for you.
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