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Sports and Cashing In: Andrew Bogut and Financial Education

Andrew Bogut and Financial EducationAndrew Bogut, the defensive centre for the Golden State Warriors that won the Larry O’Brien Trophy in the NBA back in 2015, is aware of how life goes on after playing the sport. This is why, despite surely cashing in more than $12 million this coming season, he has chosen to take control of his finances by enrolling in an Australian online university.

Basic Tips for Managing Expenses

Rapid Loans, an alternative for taking out personal loans online, cites five tips on how to slash bills in half. This involves the following:

  1. The Australian Government offers rebates for homes using solar energy. You can save up on utility bills through this.
  2. The Australian Government recommends turning off appliances when they aren’t in use, like your computer.
  3. Installation of energy-efficient appliances helps nature recover and reduce carbon footprint. Household appliances can account for up to 30% of a home’s energy use. Go for appliances with higher Energy Star ratings to cut costs.
  4. Compare and contrast energy plans through research.
  5. Debt consolidation will help you pay off your loans in a simplified manner.

These tips, albeit incrementally, can help anyone save huge sums in the long run. At the core of it all, this is what financial education is about — as every dollar counts.

On Taking Financial Classes

Andrew Bogut, a former first-round draft pick in the NBA, is turning 33 years old in 2017. And by the time his contract expires, he will be old enough to be replaceable by professional sports. He is aware of how his contract will not be as large as it used to be.

Fortunately, he has decided to be responsible and take up financial courses. He has learned how to get rid of unnecessary expenses. He studied financial planning and financial management — this includes budgeting and learning about various investment criteria such as stocks and bonds.

The NBA has produced innumerable star players — Hall of Fame material athletes — who unwittingly ended up without much in their pockets after earning millions. Andrew Bogut decided to take the road less travelled and serve as an example to every other athlete across professional sports.

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