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Designing a Single Page Website

Single Page Sites and SEO: Do They Go Hand in Hand?

Designing a Single-Page WebsiteSingle-page websites are now more popular than ever. Instead of pouring all resources in elaborate multi-page sites to properly represent their brand, more businesses now invest in these simple sites. It’s a good thing for online users and customers, too; no more clicking here and there to get what they want. But Will the Design Impact Your SEO? For FireRock Marketing, a digital marketing consultant, there are two nightmares in web design and development: less-than-impressive sites and “invisible” sites. It means the public can’t find you anywhere. The single-page approach seems to be a pro for the first worry, but what about the second concern?

Good for Mobile

Today, more people prefer to do web searches on their mobile devices. In case they need an answer, all they have to do is swipe and click. When you have a single-page website, this preference puts your business in the public’s favor. Single-page sites convert easily on mobile and navigation is also simpler. Unlike multi-page sites, these also load faster, which is a huge plus for impatient users. Also, some people are not big fans of clicking on additional tabs or pages. With a single-page site, there’s no need to click more than once.

Better Audience Targeting

If you want to gain better control of your audience’s behavior on your site, ditch multi-page sites and choose single-page instead. The latter option presents all the necessary information to users immediately and on a singular page. In terms of SEO, this is an important factor if you wish to target one keyword or a set of keywords. Keep in mind that online users are not big fans of slow service or irrelevant content. Single-page sites give users what they want when they want it — and that makes you look better in their eyes.

Hello Higher Page Authority

Links can make or break your site rankings; one wrong move can land you on the last page. Fortunately, with a single-page website, each acquired link points to the main URL. This results in a 1:1 ration of pages to links. Before you go for single-page sites, consider your business goals first. If it aligns with your goals, then go talk to an expert today and see your website come to life on a single page.
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