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Singapore’s Top Two Digital Marketing Trend Predictions for 2017

Digital MarketingBusinesses in Singapore should take advantage of the internet. According to a recent study, the number of people in the country who are active online takes a huge bulk of the world’s overall internet users. With independent home-based enterprises on the rise, digital marketing is vital for businesses who want to thrive in the competitive market of Singapore.

Experts predict these two trends to be this year's biggest digital marketing strategies:

Transparent Marketing

Following the upsurge of consumer power, it is important for businesses to incorporate authenticity in their digital marketing plan. When companies ask help from digital marketing agencies, it is often to mask facts rather than reveal them. Experts say this shouldn’t be the case.

Businesses cannot control the media – when a headline comes out, it goes viral. The best way to handle sticky situations is to face them head-on with a public statement instead of ignoring them until they fade away.

Online activism is another strength of consumers. The more they see faults, the more they talk other people into boycotting a brand. Raise the issue yourself before anyone else does.

Video Marketing

Everyone you know owns a smartphone. They are the new newspapers and glossy magazines, the object people pull out of their pockets in transit or during a long wait in line. This has urged people to develop mobile systems that process data faster and better, making it a great avenue for marketing strategies.

Video content is a good way to keep your target audience hooked to your message. There are a million active Facebook users this very second. Once a customer notices the relevance of your video, they will share it with all their Facebook friends, and their Facebook friends will do the same. This means instant traffic for your business.

Each year, the internet plays a bigger role in acquiring growth and profit for businesses. If there’s a right time to start building a sustainable and reputable online presence, it’s now.

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