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Roofing and Hermit Crabs: Letting Go is a Must

Roofing ServiceHermit crabs can teach you a thing or two about letting go — in terms of roofing, that is. Apart from their appearances, these crustaceans are also famous for their shells. When it comes to shell talk, hermit crabs do what they do. Some change shells for a longer period of time, while others immediately ditch a perfect-looking shell for a new one. You might think: All right, what can a crustacean teach me about my roof?

Shells, The Switch, and Why

All hermit crabs depend on shells for protection; strip one from its shell and you expose its soft, pink abdomen curled behind its head. As they grow, they need bigger shells to accommodate their size. To protect themselves, they always look for better shells. Hermit crabs can be very picky. They look for shells that fit their size and can protect them from danger. Even if their current shell is all right, it doesn’t stop their shopping spree. When it comes to your roof, frequent replacement isn’t necessary. Still, you have to be mindful of when you should swap or not. Just like the hermit crab, know when it’s time for a change.

It’s Changing Time

Some homeowners refuse to replace their roofs. Because it’s still ‘holding up’ and a little leak won’t hurt, why disturb your schedule and finances? But the team from Robbins Roofing says that ignoring the problem is the gateway to serious damages. Hermit crabs don’t wait for a complete breakdown; you shouldn’t either. Tell-tale signs exist to warn you regarding the need for change. For example, missing shingles indicate that your roof could be failing. If your flashing consists of tar or cement, replacing them with water-tight fittings strengthens your metal flashing system.

Never Say Never

Finances and schedules shouldn’t hinder you from home improvement. Switching one shell from another isn’t a walk in the park for hermit crabs, but they still do so to protect themselves. Think of it this way: your roof is your shell and a new one keeps you out of danger. Also, don’t just choose; be very picky. Being sure of the quality guarantees long-term rewards. Just like the hermit crab, know when you have to let go of your roof. They’re not sorry with their choices and surely, you wouldn’t be, either.
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