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Restaurant Etiquette Nobody Tells You Anymore (But Everyone Expects You to Have)

Asian Restaurant in AustraliaPlanning an exceptional and grandiose night of eating and good conversation? Why not indulge in a little talk and dine in one of the city’s most renowned noodle restaurants? If that idea sounds new and intriguing, here are some first-timer tips to make a good impression.

Dressing Up  In Lorne Victoria, many Asian restaurants still have a formal or semi-formal dress code that you should respect before entering their establishment. Cruise ship dining halls, hotels, and standalone restaurants may insist that certain hours be more formal than others, such as dinners and weekends. They usually have their dress policy on their website or at the front door so do check before reserving.

Reservations – Equally important for restaurants is the timetable, especially if these establishments are popular and require early reservations to even get in. Policies vary per company but it starts out with a phone call or a website enquiry. If you can manage to reserve while inquiring, do so. You may need to find out availabilities before stepping up to the front door because if a restaurant has reservations pending, they will rarely accept walk-ins.

Staff – Wait staff are some of the most patient and enduring of service crew you will ever meet and this is especially true with Asian restaurants. Background checks, character profiling interviews, and strict training are done on new hires before being allowed to serve. They are expected by management to be polite, succinct, and attendant to all your needs. Thus, you can get top notch service from the front desk down to the very last person returning your change.

Whether it’s a private engagement with friends, a business meeting with colleagues, or an intimate party with family and loves ones, a sophisticated and relaxed ambiance plus excellent Asian noodle dishes is sure to impress. Reserve, dress up and be kind to the staff to make the experience wholly enjoyable for everyone.

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