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Refrigerated Trucking: What Else Do They Deliver?

Refrigerated TruckingRefrigerated trucking has rescued businesses from losses and difficulties in transporting perishables. Traditional trucks didn’t have these systems in the past and therefore made it challenging to deliver flowers, pharmaceutical products and chemicals, seafood, and farm produce like meat, milk and vegetables effectively. West Coast Carriers and other refrigerated trucking businesses noted that hiring the right company for the job can keep everything you need fresh through the course of your travel. Some adhesives lose their effectiveness when exposed to high temperatures and this can be a great loss to your business, especially if the cargo was worth a huge value. Many refrigerated trucking companies today offer the same kind of service, but not all deliver the same quality. Aside from perishable consumables, here are some other things that refrigerated trucking can deliver:
Some drugs are sensitive to changes and could become ineffective if you leave them in high or low temperatures. Drugs like insulin and seasonal flu vaccines need controlled temperatures, between 35 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit, to avoid damage.
Fine Art and Antiques
Pieces of art, collectible vehicles, antiques and other highly valued goods need controlled temperatures and humidity when you transport them over long distances. This is to avoid damage that may seem small, but could be costly.
Chemicals and Hazardous Products
Climate controlled environments help prevent deadly chemical reactions. Some chemicals react aggressively when exposed to water, humidity or certain temperatures resulting in explosions, fires, and lowering of the load’s quality.
Personal Care Products
Cosmetics, lotions, perfumes and other body care products can be volatile with climate changes. They can melt or solidify depending on the temperatures they are exposed to. Today’s refrigeration systems allow fleet operators to set the airflow, humidity levels, temperature and operating mode that is most favorable for certain products. This way, your products are always safe during travel.
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