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Recycle Your Water: Ways You Can Reuse Your Water at Home

There are good reasons we should reuse our water at home. One is to conserve water so that we’ll still have enough to go around in the far future, and another is to see our water bills go lower. If you use less water, you’re not just saving money on your water bills, but you’re also saving the earth. There are many ways to conserve water, and one effective method is to reuse the water in your household. If you’ve heard of grey water systems in New Zealand, then you know that there are various ways to conserve water or at least reuse the water you’ve already consumed.

Use a bucket in the shower

Instead of letting the water go to the drain while you’re waiting for it to settle at the temperature you want, you can get a bucket and put it under the shower to collect the water you’re not using. When you’re done showering, you can use the water you’ve collected for watering your plants or cleaning the bathroom.

Collect the water from your pasta

You can also collect the water you use in cooking your pasta. When you’re cooking spaghetti Bolognese, you have to cook some noodles. The water you use can be collected in a bowl and used for other things later.

Use a tub to wash your dishes

If you’ve ever seen the kitchen of a restaurant, you’ll notice that the dishwasher doesn’t wash the dishes with a continuous flow of water from the faucet. Instead, they dunk all the plates, utensils, and glasses in a sink filled with water and wash them there. That’s because they’re trying to conserve water to minimize their water bills. Now that’s what you should do, too. Instead of letting the water flow straight to the drain in your sink, use a tub to collect the water you use. You can still use the water to water your lawn. Soapy water is not dangerous to shrubs. You can also find other stuff that you can clean with soapy water.

Place a bucket under your gutters

Rainwater that travels down your gutters can still be collected and used for watering your plants or cleaning some of your stuff. Place a bucket under your gutters when it’s raining, and you’ll have some extra water to feed to your indoor plants.

Boil excess drinking water

This one might sound gross to some, but rest assured that when someone doesn’t finish their glass of water, you can boil it to make it suitable for drinking again. Use a bucket, not a hose When you’re washing your car or cleaning the driveway, avoid using the water hose and instead use a bucket to clean them both. You’ll save a lot of water this way.

Don’t drain the washing machine

wired washing machine You can still use the water inside your washing machine for watering your lawn or cleaning the floor. Instead of draining it, get a bucket and store the excess water there. Conserving water inside our homes can make a huge difference when it comes to protecting our natural resources. There are many ways we can do this. Just remember that if we don’t conserve water now, we might not be able to use any in the future.
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