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Proving Your Creditworthiness When Applying for a Mortgage

Couple discussing with real estate agentTo become eligible for a mortgage loan, you must prove beyond that you’re a creditworthy borrower. In this case, you need to raise a substantial amount for the home deposit and have a good credit score. Closing the deal on your dream house is a satisfying experience. You will join the 62.7 percent of Americans who own the houses they’re living in. But with the asking price on the average home soaring over $200,000, owning one is not a walk in the park. Given the hefty asking prices, most people need a loan facility to realize this crucial goal, explains However, before a lender can trust you with their money, you must prove your creditworthiness and put doubts to rest.

Bring something to the table

Pulling your weight is the surest way to prove your commitment to the home buying process. In most cases, you stand a cut above the rest if you can shell out about 20 percent down payment on the house. In addition, lowering the loan amount propels your application to the top of the pile. Lenders are cautious and as such, they make every effort to weed out applicants whom they consider high risk. Going through the trouble to raise a deposit attests to your commitment and financial stability.

Boast a clean financial history

Your financial history is whittled down to a three-digit number that makes your credit score. Naturally, stellar conduct corresponds to a higher score. Lenders look kindly to borrowers with a high credit score since they pose a lower risk of default. Applicants with high credit score carry a small amount of debt, pay their credit card debt on time, and are not in the habit of defaulting. Such traits are music to the ears of a banker. They can trust you to meet your obligations. In other words, you make their lives easier. A mortgage makes it easy to realize the dream of owning a house. As such, you should make every effort to improve your eligibility when filing your loan application.
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