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Private Schools in Perth Ease Financial Pressure on Parents

Students of a private schoolSome private schools in Perth plan to keep their tuition fee increases in 2018 under 3 percent, although there are many that plan to maintain or even reduce their fees. These schools plan to limit their tuition hikes to help financially struggling parents, especially since the current economy is not favourable to them at the moment.

Fees and Charges

Debra Sayce, executive director for Catholic Education Western Australia, said that 80 percent of Catholic schools would only raise tuition fees by 2 percent. On the other hand, Anglican Schools Commission CEO Peter Laurence said that 11 schools under the group would also increase fees at the same rate. Some school such as Trinity College have decided not increase tuition fees for Year 9 to 12 students in 2018, while the Tranby College has implemented a 6.3 percent reduction for its senior school fees, which will suffer reduction by around $500 to $7,458. As these schools roll out their own plans for tuition fees next year, the Western Australian government plans to build a new high school.

Subiaco High

The state government plans to open a new high school in Subiaco in 2020. It expects the new learning facility to solve the problem of high enrolment numbers in inner suburban schools. The new facility will not just benefit students, but also provide business for furniture suppliers such as new school desks or classroom chairs. The new high school near Subiaco Oval in Kitchener Park will accept an initial enrolment of 250 Year 7 students. By 2025, the student population will comprise 1,500 people from Year 7 to 12.


The planned rate cuts and minimal tuition fee hikes among Perth schools will be beneficial for parents, even for those who seem unaffected by the current economic conditions.
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