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Preparing for the First Day at Primary School

Primary School in DubaiYour kids getting in a primary school is a new chapter for you as parents. While it may be an exciting time for you, it can be a scary life-changing event for them. You might no longer remember how you fared when you first stepped into school yourself. It is a big adjustment that may sometimes become too traumatic for a child. As a parent, all you have to do is help them in their new life at school. After all, this is where they will be spending years of their life. According to an expert from the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, they have to be prepared for this big transition so they can survive the incoming years. Here are some things your child must learn before going to a primary school in Dubai.

Time Management

Before your kids even step into school, they should already be aware of the concept of time. They must also be able to read clocks and tell the time just by looking at their watches. Let your child know how long they will be staying in school every day. It is an early exercise for them to learn about managing their time and being punctual to classes.


It is important that your child knows good manners and socialisation with other kids. Help them relax by telling them that every kid on their first day is nervous and it is normal. What is essential is that your child knows the value of sharing. For them to survive in school, they should know how to make friends and sharing is one way of earning them. Sharing also promotes a positive sense of community between kids where they are free to help each other. Equipping your child with these values can help them get over their first day jitters. They are also a good set of values they can keep while growing up in learning.
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