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Prepare and Be Ready for a House Fire

House FireIn 2015, the United States had an estimated 380,900 residential fires that resulted in 2,565 deaths. Unfortunately, many house fires with fatalities continue to happen in 2017. You may have a fire alarm in your home, but what do you do once you wake up from the alarm?

Fast Fire

Fire engulfs things quickly. In fact, you can have a raging fire in your home in 30 seconds. You need to move quickly to escape. To move quickly, however, you need to have a plan in place. Create a fire escape plan that you and your family can practice twice a year.

Outline an Escape Plan

In the plan, wherever you are in the house, you need to have two ways to leave the room. The first will be the door, of course, and the second can be a window near a neighboring roof or with a collapsible ladder. You can also designate a meeting place for you and your family away from home.

Stay Calm During a Fire

During a fire, stay low to keep yourself safe from smoke and fatal gases. Execute your escape plan, bring nothing with you, and call 911 once you escape. When you find yourself trapped, close the door of the room you are in, and cover any opening with cloth or tape to keep the smoke out. Call 911 then, and wait for rescue. Remember that everything you have at home is replaceable. While some things have sentimental value, you wouldn’t want to risk your life for them. After the fire is out, Certified Disaster Services recommends calling fire damage restoration services. Who knows, they might still save something.

Prepare Everything

Prepare for a house fire by keeping digital copies of important documents and records. Ensure that windows can be opened easily and security bars can be removed. You can also make sure that your family have practiced the escape plan and can execute the plan without the use of their eyes. Don’t panic once you hear your fire alarm. Stay alert and focus on saving your family members before anything else. Set aside your worries about other things. The safety of your entire family remains the most important.
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