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Docked pontoon boat

Pontoon Boats: Your Options for Fenders

Docked pontoon boatA pontoon boat is one of your best options if you are a serious boater. This type of vessel, however, requires a significant investment. But you can be assured that the money you spend on it will be worth its performance and durability. As such, it is vital to protect the boat from dents, scratches and other possible damage that could be caused by another vessel or any other elements in and out of the water. The ideal component you should carefully evaluate when considering the new pontoon boats for sale in Michigan is the fender. The fender enhances the security of your boat by protecting it from the range of elements that might dent and scratch it. It acts as a cushion on your vessel’s topside by absorbing shock whenever your boat bumps into the dock or other vessels. Here are some of the fender options for your pontoon boat.

Cylindrical Fenders

There are different cylindrical fender options including double, cylindrical center and hybrid cylindrical fenders. They can be threaded along their length or hung on your pontoon boat’s rails. Cylindrical fenders are generally used on small pontoons and can be ribbed or molded to enhance their stability in a particular position.

Transom Fenders

These are an ideal choice for boat owners who want minimal interference from their fender’s attachment. These are attached to a swim platform or a transom’s center for the additional protection of the boat. The disadvantage of this type of fender, however, is it is bulky. Also, you should have an appropriate storage solution for it when you are not using it.

Flat Fenders

Man driving a pontoonThese are rectangular-shaped that can be tied together to make a bigger fender. Flat fenders are easy to store since they are easy to slide into a storage compartment. They usually come as tab or contour fenders, which are flexible and hence fit a broad range of pontoon boat shapes.

Side Fenders

These are customized to fit the square framework and railings of a pontoon boat. Similar to side fenders, also secured to the railings is the fence-saver type. Fence-saver fenders are designed to protect your boat’s aluminum fencing.

Corner Fenders

If your pontoon boat hits a dock or another vessel at high speed, you risk ripping off its aluminum corner. With a corner fender in place, you can limit the impact and the damage it will bring. Meanwhile, you can also protect your fenders by adding the following accessories:
  • Pumps – These will help maintain the right pressure on your fenders.
  • Covers – These will keep your fenders clean. You can also embroider here the name of your boat for added style.
  • Racks – These allow you to store your fenders properly, keeping them in good condition for longer.
For most pontoon boat owners, fenders are an insignificant investment. The above fender options, however, will prove a crucial element for the durability of your pontoon boat. This makes them as crucial a consideration as the other parts of your vessel.
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