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Pineapple on Pizza Uproar

Hawaiian PizzaJust very recently, the online community sparked outrage when celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay expressed a disagreement on pineapple being a pizza topping. While the people seems to have a divided stance on this, looking back to hottest pizza toppings might spark united, happy thoughts. 

Top Pizza Toppings

While cheese seems to come on top by default and deem exempted on the race, people still clamor for more extra cheese. Despite the growing intensity of this food landscape and people seeking for upscale options, new and sometimes weird toppings have been introduced. Nonetheless, the undefeated pepperoni is still on top. A whopping 52% tends to order meat toppings according to Foodler. On its tail are bacon, sausage, and ham. Although a fried chicken liver has been introduced by some pizzeria operators way back in 2013, it doesn’t seem to appeal the public. On the veggies corner, the classic mushrooms, onions, black olives, green peppers, pineapple and surprisingly spinach are still the hottest in descending order.

Pineapple on Pizza

While most polls indicate this delicacy as one of the hottest pizza toppings, this seeming fact has been challenged by chef Gordon Ramsay that took many by surprise. Pizza is a valuable business at a $42.8 billion industry, and many couldn’t see why it should not be on a pizza. In fact, an interesting conversation sparked between Canadian Sam Panopoulos defending his invention, the Hawaiian pizza, from Iceland’s President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson statement against pineapples on pizza. Following Panapoulos own words, “Those days, the main thing was mushrooms, bacon, and pepperoni. There was nothing else going on the pizza. After that, everybody started putting everything on it. You can put sardines on it. You can put salmon in it. You can put green peppers, onions, whatever you want you can put today — and everybody eats it.” It’s as simple as if somebody eats it then why not? Everyone has their preference. So why not check out some pizza places near Janesville, MN and conduct an inquiry of your own regarding this tasty debate.  
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