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No Serious Injury After a Car Accident? Think Again!

You deserve to receive hospital care after you have fallen victim to another’s negligence. After a car accident, your priority should be to receive appropriate medical care, especially for injuries to the brain and spine. Los Angeles-based injury lawyers explain that even if you don’t feel well and consider yourself lucky, you still have to undergo a comprehensive medical checkup. In some instances, symptoms of physical injury may arise later than expected. If you are not careful, you could be putting yourself in danger. What should you do after a serious car accident? Aside from seeking immediate medical assistance and calling the authorities, here are some things you could do to prevent serious injury.

Monitor symptoms and delayed onset.

Some people come out of twisted cars relatively unscathed. If you have been blessed with a second life, you must protect it at all costs. Going to a doctor for a thorough checkup is the first step you must take after an accident. You need immediate medical consultation that can support the insurance claim you will file in the near future. A doctor can give you advice on how to monitor your physical condition in the few weeks after a car crash. Though there may be no physical evidence that you have not sustained any serious injury in the aftermath, the possibility that a life-threatening illness may be developing cannot be overlooked. Watch out for red flags and make sure one or two other family members are present when you have this conversation with your doctor. They can help in monitoring your condition, and provide a valuable observation that you could miss if you are monitoring alone.

Symptoms You Need to Know

Be watchful for delayed onset of symptoms. Some signs could be warning you that something serious is happening. Take note of headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, pain in the abdomen, tightness or discomfort on your back, numbness anywhere in the body, and any sudden changes in mood.


involved in a car accident In the days following the accident, it pays to exercise vigilance. When a new symptom arises (pain in the body, nausea, short-term memory loss), you must document it adequately. Take note of the time, duration, and intensity of the symptoms. It’s best to report the incident to a doctor as soon as you can and to seek treatment immediately if the symptoms take a turn for the worse. Proper documentation is also essential at the time of the accident. Videos, pictures, and medical certificates are helpful when you decide to make a personal injury claim. Aside from the initial medical consultation, you must keep all the medical referrals, test requests, test results, and the relevant files that could serve as evidence against the negligent party. You may be feeling completely fine, but if you feel symptoms later, you can still ask for the help of an injury lawyer in filing a case for compensation. The party responsible for your injuries can be held liable in a court of law, and you will not have to carry the financial burden alone.
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