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New Equipment for Today’s Classrooms

Classrooms have changed so much in recent years to accommodate advancements in technology. Books have been exchanged for tablets, and students take notes on their laptops and record lectures on mobile devices. The classroom had to be redesigned to meet these new demands. In Australia, classrooms have tote trolleys that can hold paperwork or various supplies. These sturdy and secure cabinets can be moved around classrooms or even outside, allowing teachers to bring what they need to a different venue. For example, if there’s an art workshop in the audio-visual room, the trolleys can be rolled to the place with everyone’s supplies.

Breakout Sessions for Adaptive Learning

The traditional classroom has also given way to open spaces for breakout sessions and group work. With the use of tablets and computers, students are allowed to work on modules so that they can learn and work at their own pace. This set-up has made it necessary for new chairs and tables that can adapt to portable computer and tablet use. Ergonomically designed chairs and tables offer back support for extended computer use. In most classrooms, dividers have been installed to adjust classroom sizes. The sliders are removed when big groups or lectures are scheduled and then returned for normal classroom functions.

Digital Tools

Mobile cabinets have replaced traditional lockers so that students can have everything they need inside their classrooms. At the same time, digital tools are making learning more fun and interactive. Interactive screens and drawing tablets help students learn faster and more creatively. Classrooms are also connected to the Internet, allowing students to search the Web for additional resources. They also receive and send their homework via e-mail and file-sharing applications. The classroom has become more creative than ever. It’s only proper to arm students and teachers with the equipment they need to make learning a more enjoyable experience.
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