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Mould Your Children Into Lifelong Learners

Modern technology can help you provide your children with a strong academic foundation. For instance, you can sidestep the back to school rush and buy primary school books in online stores in Singapore. You can then put the time saved into better use and mould your little ones into lifelong learners. The future favours individuals who can garner information and build skills quickly, and you can ensure your kids are ready.

Explore different learning methods

Ever wondered why children could play video games for hours on end? Game creators go the extra mile to make them immersive and captivating. The games feature interesting concepts, colourful graphics, and great music. Compared to these, most textbooks pale in comparison. They are a slab of text, sometimes sprinkled with images, explaining dense concepts. Frankly, it is impossible to get anyone, let alone kids, excited about algebra and calculus. You can do little about the textbooks, but you can help your child pick the most efficient way to learn. See, each learner has their preferred learning method. Helping them uncover their preferred way improves how they interact with the learning material and piques their interest.

Improve their retention

a child that is learning with her parent There is more to education than ensuring a child makes the passing grade. You want to grow their ability to reason, process information, and apply knowledge. The sit and listen teaching methods perform dismally on this front. They encourage rote learning which leads to reduced retention rates – below 5%. In contrast, class discussion groups result in a 50% retention rate, and tutoring among students lead to an 80 per cent retention rate. The latter methods not only make learning fun but also helps children retain knowledge longer. Active learning encourages the children to interact with the study material while transforming each session into an enjoyable experience. They harness a child’s natural curiosity to enhance learning. A child using these methods becomes a curious mind. From Graham Bell and Marie Curie to Bill Gates and Elon Musk, they have an inquisitive mind to thank for their achievement.

Cultivate a learning atmosphere

Learning is a continuous process, which preferably should last for a lifetime. Your child’s education should not stop once the bell rings, signalling the end of a school day. You want to keep that going even when your child is home, all day, every day. Isn’t that overkill? See, this school of thoughts is part of the problem. It assumes that learning is a difficult task, a chore that is hard on the child. You need to drop it if you wish to nurture your child’s curious mind. More than helping them with their homework, you need to encourage them to read even when at home. A family reading time where everyone reads something new and teaches the rest of you makes a great start. The key here is to make learning a new subject, fun and exciting. Keep these sessions light and fun, and you stand a chance at creating young lifelong learners. It is possible to guarantee your children a bright future. In addition to ensuring they have all the textbooks they need; you need to help them with the reading and learning process. Honing their ability to acquire and process information turns them into lifelong learners.
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