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Mirror, Mirror in Your Home: Creative Ways to Use Mirrors

Mirror inside the beautiful bathroomRethink the way you utilise your mirrors at home. Instead of simply hanging them on the walls, bring out your creativity and experiment with other ideas. If you’re looking for other inspirations, here are a few suggestions that will level up the aesthetic value of your home:

A Vanity Addition to the Closet

In Auckland, mirrors hanging on closet doors aren’t entirely a novel idea. Most closets often have these mirrors on the inside of cabinet doors, though, and hanging them on the outside can serve additional purposes. For one, they are more accessible if you would like a quick look at your OOTD (outfit of the day). They can also make a compact space look larger than it truly is. Your bedroom would also feel lighter and fresher as it reflects lights.

A Break to a Long & Boring Wall

Plain and bare walls can make your home feel constricting and boring. Adding artistically shaped or geometric mirrors on the wall can instantly improve the mood in your living room or kitchen. Putting mirrors in the entrance of your home or the dining room can also brighten these areas and add an artistic flair.

Glamorous Shower Time

While it is pretty standard to see mirrors in the bathroom, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get artistic with them. In fact, this gives you all the more reason to explore for more ideas to make use of them artistically. One great idea is to use mirrors in different patterns and designs to create a livelier vanity area. To achieve a softer look, you could go for antique mirrors. If you want something over the edge or exciting, asymmetrical mirrors are a great addition. Learn from these ideas and revamp the mirrors in your home. Whether it is in your room or even your patio, this piece could certainly make a vast improvement on the look and feel of your home.
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