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Millennials101: How They Shop and Buy Online

MillenialsYou can call it them the selfie people, the Internet natives, the vain overachievers, but millennials (born between the 80s and the early 00s) are the biggest cohort in the U.S. population today. Rejecting them in your marketing strategy means rejecting your 80 million strong customers and the generations around them where they smoothly lay their influence.

For Them, the Internet is Not New

Millennials are called Internet natives for a reason. This segment was born in a time where the Internet is not new. Like air, Internet is just part of what they breathe every day. And so, you may expect that they use it even for the most mundane tasks, like finding a cab, paying bills, or searching for a place where to grab a quick bite.

Millennials are Cautious Shoppers

PR Caffeine however clarifies that unlike the generations before them, millennials don’t easily buy when they shop. Why? Because they are so connected with the Internet that for them, finding a better deal will always be possible. They are always conscientious customers, and not understanding their meticulous side could wreak havoc on your online business.

Millennials are Agile Internet Dwellers

Millennials are super mobile, too. In fact, one in five millennials access the Internet though smartphones and tablets. These mobile devices are where they do most of their social media stuff. But more than Facebook and Twitter, millennials also use their mobile phones for shopping. In fact, a survey revealed that millennials are 74% more likely to make one mobile purchase. This is over10% higher than the generation before them (GenXers).

Connecting with the Millennials

As an Internet marketer, getting a grip on how millennials act in the online world is a must. When targeting an audience in Minneapolis, you should seek the service of an SEO consulting firm that can predict, within reasonable limits, the online behavior of this age group. Influencing your biggest cohort means a lot to your business. But you can’t do it unless you understand fully what and how they think whenever they get online.
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