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Marriage 101: Preparing for Married Life

From the engagement, wedding preparations down to the honeymoon, getting married is such an exciting part of every couple’s life. After exchanging ‘I dos,’ however, are you truly prepared to start the new chapter in your life?

Where will you live together?

If you have not gotten to it yet, you need to decide on your living arrangement. Are you going to move into your partner’s apartment, or will it be the other way around? Will you buy real estate in West Melbourne, so you will have a house more suitable for starting a family? When choosing your conjugal home, take into account the family size you intend to have and the proximity to both of your workplaces and childcare facilities or schools for your future children.

What will you do with finances?

Finances are always tricky, even between a married couple. It is best you discuss this, then, with your significant other as early as possible. How will you divide your family expenses? Who is going to take charge of the budget? Will one of you quit their job after having children? How much goes into your savings every month? Do not be afraid to talk about money. For sure, both of you want your family to be financially secure.

When will you start a family?

Lastly, you and your partner need to be ready if you plan on having children. Do you want time to get used to being a married couple first, or do you want to add to your twosome right away? How many children do you wish to have? Will they be close in age or 3–5 years spaced apart? Whatever you plan, just make sure you will be able to provide your children the best possible life. Getting married is an important event in your life as a couple, but equal — if not more — importance should also be placed on what comes after you tie the knot.
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