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Man cleaning polishing commercial building floors

Making a Smart Choice: Walk-Behind vs. Ride-On Floor Sweepers

Businesses should always prioritize the cleanliness of their commercial space. That’s why investing in high-quality cleaning tools is a must. When looking for cost-effective machines, commercial floor sweepers and scrubbers are among the most recommended options. These machines are capable of eliminating dust, dirt, grime, and germs that not only make business spaces look unsightly, but also put employees’ and customers’ health at risk. Studies have revealed that labor costs amount to about 90% of the total costs businesses spend in order to keep their floors in good condition. With an industrial cleaning machine, operators can take on the task at a shorter period. Once you’ve finally decided to buy one in Brisbane, you’ll have to choose which will work best for you: a walk-behind type of sweeper or a ride-on one? Learn the pros and cons of each type and discover other helpful information that will help you choose the most suitable cleaning tool for your operations:

Walk-Behind Sweeper vs. Ride-On Sweeper: How Each Works

With a walk-behind machine, operators work with a forward motion, which allows them to cover a bigger area compared to manual equipment. It’s also less strenuous to use. On the other hand, while a ride-on machine is capable of increasing productivity by as much as 400%, they aren’t always the most suitable option for all types of businesses.

Pro Ride-On Floor Cleaning Machine

Customers who choose this type of equipment do so because they have a much larger facility that needs thorough but fast cleaning. This machine type allows operators to fully maximize their every shift. They can work on a larger surface area even with reduced effort. In addition, studies have revealed that these machines can increase productivity by 64 percent compared to walk-behind models. They’re also more cost-efficient. If you buy one, you’ll be able to recoup the costs from labor savings in just three months to half a year.

Pro Walk-Behind Sweeper or Scrubber

For smaller surface areas, this machine type is the more common choice. These also work for places with narrow doorways, multiple obstacles, and inclines such as ramps. If you have a smaller area that needs regular maintenance, it’s best to invest in this equipment.

An In-Between Option

Man polishing floor with cleaning machine If you own a larger space but don’t want to spend a lot on ride-on floor cleaning machines, stand-on scrubbers are the next best choice for you. These machines are more affordable than a ride-on but offer greater productivity compared to a walk-behind. Ride-on machines can’t go to areas such as standard elevators, but a stand-on scrubber can because of its more compact footprint. These are also easier to maneuver in tight spaces and have better sight lines. However, since these machines may require standing for a long period, it can be uncomfortable for the operators. If costs are a major concern for you, consider the current labor expenses you have to deal with and how the increased productivity offered can offset the total costs of buying these machines.
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