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Man using truck lift to load packages in a truck

Loading Up: How Skate and Tracks Improve Efficiency

Man using truck lift to load packages in a truckYour customers are valuable, but so are the goods you deliver. You need to provide products to your customers fast and safe without any damage. To be able to do this, you need a proper storing system such as a skate track that can be operated manually or automatically.

Why Choose a Skate Track?

Many customers highlight the speed it gives when loading trucks. According to test results, it is 33 percent faster than manual truck loading. These tests also reveal they utilise space best and reduce product damage. A skate rack has front and rear safety brakes and requires minimal maintenance. There are two options when it comes to skate tracks.

Manual Skate Track System

manual skate track offers many benefits says storage and logistics experts.  This type of skate track saves you much time when loading cargo onto a trailer.  Within a few minutes, the load can be ready for delivery to a destination such as a warehouse or a department store. This type of skate track is also cost-efficient since you don’t need to use too much electricity to operate the system. This can give you great savings since you also don’t need too many people to operate it.

Automatic Skate Track System

If you choose an automatic skate track system, you can automatically load and unload cargo in one move. You don’t need to hire too many people to do the job. Your trailer does not need to have such a system for loading or unloading. This saves you a lot of money when buying machinery. Your people need not move around the skate track system since it is fixed in one place. The trailer driver moves the truck toward it. The system also allows 33 pallets to be loaded in six minutes. Whether you choose manual or automatic systems, skate tracks are great for loading and delivering goods because these don’t require too much force or effort. Aside from that, you can load goods safely without causing damage that would make your customers unhappy.
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