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Know What’s in the SEO Know

SEO Industry in MelbourneThe SEO industry changes continuously — nothing stays the same. Living in the digital age, expecting trends to remain the same will sabotage your digital efforts. Staying up to date can be confusing, especially when the change is constant. It’s harder when you’re not an SEO expert who mixes up terminologies. Hummingbird? Penguin? What are those? The world of SEO is weird enough, but to win the competition, it pays to know what’s happening. To stay updated with recent SEO trends, apart from seeking assistance from Melbourne’s digital marketers, here is what you can do:

Subscribe to SEO Blogs

Whenever SEO faces a major change, blogs will light up with informative content, which is helpful in making sense of everything. To not miss anything, subscribe via e-mail or set up your RSS feed. Some articles might be too nitty gritty for your taste, but do not focus on these too much. Focus on posts that tell more about recent updates and new trends. Want to take it a step further? Google Alert is your best bet. The program offers the same SEO terms used in your Twitter stream. This also ensures daily and weekly updates.

Stay Updated with Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools are more than just tools for site optimisation. It does that, but it also comes with resources for the best SEO practices. You learn more about SEO, how Google crawls websites, how keywords work, and so much more. Google Webmaster Tools also offer more information on site performance, which touches on internal links, search queries and ranking keywords.

Learn Whenever, Wherever

To perfect the art of SEO, set aside at least 15 to 30 minutes each week to learn. Actively consuming information keeps you in the know. If you want deeper information, budget more time to study the field. Either way, block a few hours of your schedule to learn, learn and learn! Don’t get lost in the SEO jungle. Survive the competition by staying in the loop.
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