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Key Elements That Should Guide Your Selection of a Siren Speaker

The speed of a first responder in getting to an emergency site determines the outcome of the situation. A siren is hence an essential part of a police, paramedics and firefighter’s vehicle to ensure they encounter no hindrance when responding to a call. The siren also ensures the safety of other road users as it alerts them to clear a path for the oncoming vehicle. Siren speakers are an essential part of sirens as they ensure people hear your siren warning. A police siren speaker or one meant for firefighters or paramedics should hence be diligently selected. Here are some key elements that will determine your siren speaker’s efficiency.


This is a measure of the relationship between your speaker’s loudness with an input of one-watt power from your amplifiers. Speaker sensitivity determines the ideal amount of power needed to operate your siren’s speaker. The ideal sensitivity for siren speakers for first responders is at least 120db.


This is a measure of the loudness of your speaker. It is closely linked to its sensitivity since the power influences your loudness. Normal conversations range at approximately 60 decibels. Any siren speaker that is less than 120 decibels will hence not audible above the din of conversation.


While decibels measure your speaker’s loudness, the watts measure their power. Most people erroneously believe that more watts increase volume. Speaker watts are however more about how much your speakers can handle and the power your amp is putting out. When choosing your wattage, ensure your speakers can handle the power you create as failure to do this might damage them. Sirens should be loud enough and cut through the everyday noise for them to be efficient in warning other road users. The above elements will enable you to get the perfect siren speaker to send a clear message. After getting the speaker, ensure it is properly attached to the siren for it to work efficiently.
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