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Keeping Your Commercial Garage Safe

Running a commercial garage can be equally challenging and rewarding. Aside from providing excellent service and making customers happy, one of the most important responsibilities of being an owner or manager of a garage business is to promote safety in the workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 15,000 injuries a year involve mechanics. Dealing with heavy machines, slippery floors, and generally dangerous tools and equipment raise the stakes for garage workers and it’s up to you to minimize these risks. Here’s what you should do.

Always inspect and maintain wiring, heating, and ventilation in good condition

Loose wiring can cause electric shocks and can start fires. Heating can cause burns or the malfunction of nearby equipment which in turn can be dangerous too. Garage work produces a lot of fumes that may be harmful to the respiratory system. A good ventilation system can prevent that.

Mind your lighting

Adequate lighting is needed for virtually any type of mechanical work. Working in darkness can cause accidents and misjudgment during emergencies. In the long term, adequate lighting also reduces eye fatigue. Flickering lights can cause moving objects to appear stationary, which can also lead to accidents.

Separate areas for welding, cleaning, painting, lubricating, and battery maintenance

These processes produce fumes and chemical residue that can be harmful for anyone to come into contact with. When mixed together, they can also cause different chemical reactions that may result in fires or explosions.

Allocate adequate floor space for the expected work

A wider space is generally safer when handling heavy machines and dangerous equipment. The more space people can work with, the freer their movements can be, reducing the risk to others and themselves.

Provide a clean lunchroom and washroom away from the work area

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, since mechanics deal with a lot of potentially harmful chemicals like oils, lubricants, coolants, and others, it’s ideal that they have a clean space to wash up and eat their meals. man fixing car

Invest in the right equipment

Getting good and up-to-date equipment like an automotive alignment lift can significantly reduce the risk of working under vehicles. They can also help attract clients when they see state-of-the-art machinery in your garage.

Make sure fire extinguishers, doorways, and emergency exits are accessible

Having a lot of blockage between the workplace and these essentials may make it difficult for your people to address or defuse emergency situations when they arise. In line with this, make sure your emergency lights are fully functioning too.

Use and keep tools properly

Use only the tools that are required for each task. Keep them in proper places when not in use. This prevents scattered tools from disturbing work and causing unwanted additional risks.

Inspect the fire extinguishers regularly

Past a certain time, these extinguishers are no longer useful. Making sure your extinguishers haven’t gone past their expiration date will reduce response time and avoid more problematic situations.

Empty trash containers regularly

This small task can prevent diseases and infections from spreading. This will also ensure that toxic elements are disposed of properly.

Educate your workers

Instilling a safe work environment mindset in all employees will ensure that the other steps in this list are always followed. Making safety a priority will keep them safe and in high spirits when working in your garage.  
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